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panos_metal November 5, 2009 09:01

Looking for the appropriate software
Hello CFD users

My name is Panagiotis and i am amateur on cfd simulation programms.
I am trying to simulate a metallurgical procedure that take place on a furnace... I would like to simulate the process and i have already created the furnace using the Gambit software.
The parameters of my process are
  • the furnace walls temperature
  • the air flow in the furnace (lit/min)
  • the inlet air temperature
I am thinking of working in 2 steps
First i would like to work on a system without ore, just air. So i wanna predict the air temperature and velocity in the furnace depending on the 3 parameters i refered before. In other words i wanna make the velocity and temperature profiles of the air inside the furnace for different cases (changing the 3 parameters)
On he second step i would like to insert ore into the furnace. So the inlet stream will be consisted of air and ore (lets say a ''fluosolid stream). In that case i wanna investigate the temperature distribution in the ore grain and the particle trajectories of the grains
I am not asking for you to solve my problem:)
I have tried working on gambit and the results was good as i suceed in making the meshing of the furnace. After this i tried the Fluent programm to run the process. I am not sure if it is the appropriate program.
I would like to refer that i am working as researcher in a National University which means that i have legal access on simulation ansys software.

You help would be realy useful

Thank you in advance Panagiotis

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