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aero November 10, 2009 07:32

Batch issues to get results from a transient simulation

I am running a transient simulation of a 2D foil with a alternate jet on the upper surface. I need the lift and drag average and I tried to get it by running this batch files:
cfx5post -batch deg1tr_001.res Effect.cse
and the effect.cse file is:
!($X1) = evaluate( "force_x()@BLADE");
!($Y1) = evaluate( "force_y()@BLADE");

!$filename= " .\\LIFT.csv";
!open(DAT,">>$filename") || die("Cannot Open File");
!print DAT "$X1,$Y1\n";

I get error when I run the batch file:


The only file types which ANSYS CFD-Post can currently read are:
CFX files
FLUENT files
ANSYS Results files
CFX-4 Dump files
CFX-TASCflow files (must have grd/rso, bcf and prm files)
CGNS files

2009/11/10 16:00:48
CCLAPI::loadCCLData - CCL parser failed with message:
parseCCLLineH: syntax error near "*INFO"

How can I resolve this problem?
Is there an other way to calculate the average over time of the lift and drag (a part of doing it manually...)

Thank you for your help


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