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S.Beta November 23, 2009 06:02

Remeshing in Multiphysics

I want to simulate the motion and deformation of a thin slab with two way fluid structur interaction. For this I am using the multfield aplication from Ansys. Now I've the problem, that I don't know how to remesh my Mesh during the Solve-process. I know that there is the posibility to use the "user definded remeshing" but this doesn't supports the mesh motion for Ansys Multifield aplication.

Has anybody an idea?

My idea is to interrupt the Solver when the qualitiy of my mesh is to bad (e.g orthogonality < 20 [deg]). After that I want to use the deformed mesh (the last result before the solver interrupt) to genreate a new mesh that I can use for the next time steps.

Now my probelm is: How can I extract my geomety to gernerate a new Mesh. And what I have to do with the new Mesh before I'll start the new solving process?

Any idea???



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