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derkaiser December 21, 2009 06:01

ICEM extrude mesh by rotation
Hello everyone!

i'm trying to extrude a mixed quad/tri mesh by rotation around an axis. the model i want to mesh is a de laval nozzle which i want to simulate with 2d-methods. so i just want to create one layer of elements with a very small angle.
the problem i'm experiencing is, that i always geht penetrating elements along the axis after extrusion. the only way i found to avoid this, is to translate the mesh away from the axis, rotate it and then translate back on the axis but this gives me an axis that isn't of infinitesimal thickness. i also tried to create one layer of quad-elements along the axis because someone told me, that tri elements on the axis doesnt work for extrusion by rotation but it gives the same results.

has anyone an idea how to avoid those self-penetrating elements?


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