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eljohnso January 11, 2010 19:27

anisotropy for FSI of artery
I can't seem to find a resource or tutorial that explains how anisotropic material properties are used within ANSYS, especially in regards to FSI with CFX and blood vessels. The help files give a tiny bit of information on anisotropic, hyperelastic models; but I don't see it being enough to apply to more than a cylinder.

My thought was that I could create a single material model and then apply individual coordinate frames to each element of the vessel wall (which would ideally give a different component breakdown of the strain for each element), but I haven't figured a way to do that.

-Are users relying on a single coordinate frame for the entire model (it doesn't make sense for complicated geometry that doesn't follow an axis)?
-If not, how are the principle directions being determined (or material model modified) and applied?
-Is there a different, fully-coupled FSI, package that would make more sense to use for this problem?

Thanks in advance for any help,


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