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baserinia January 28, 2010 16:54

Importing Temperature Field from CFX to ANSYS

I am working on a casting problem in which liquid aluminum solidifies in a mold. Since the problem involves both liquid and solid phases, I use CFX to compute the velocity and temperature fields. Therefore, I have the temperature at every single mesh vertex.

As the second step, I want to import these vertex temperature values into ANSYS in order to perform a thermal-stress-strain analysis. This step is necessary since the solid metal undergoes elastic-plastic contraction. In ANSYS, I couldn't find out how to import temperature values in the entire volume from the CFX solution. I'd be appreciated is somebody could help me with this.

arif.iut.09 February 11, 2010 14:29

hallo, i want to do continuous casting simulation for iron. can u help me on that. im very new to this. im using ansys 11. please help me out

Ravikiran March 1, 2010 11:52

Hi baserinia,

Did you find a way out to import from cfx?

I am working on a similar problem. Thermal-stress-strain problem of a huge cylinder with inlets and outlets. Working fluid is high temp steam.

In CFD-Post try this

File>Ansys export/import> Export to ansys load file> pick temperatures.

Check this and reply back.

If you have already found a solution, please post me.

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