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Jonny6001 February 6, 2010 19:36

Ansys workbench problem
Hello, I have been an user of Fluent and Gambit for a while but now I am trying to use Ansys 11 to do things other than CFD.

I have Ansys 11 with a lot of the modules but when I open up Ansys Workbench there is nothing on the screen and no matter what I click where, nothing happens.

If I use the product launcher, I have maybe 40 modules to choose to launch but if I try and launch them in Workbench, I get the same gray blank Ansys screen. If I launch in to Ansys is loads fine with the name on the launched module on the top and the ansys Menus down the side like "preprocessor, solution, etc.."

Do you guys know what is going on, this is the first time I have launched the software and I have some Ansys 11 tutorials to follow which is done through the workbench and using design modeler.

I'm sorry if this seems basic.

Thanks a lot.

msummers September 29, 2010 08:56

I am having a similar problem with ANSYS 12. I successfully launch ANSYS Workbench, but when I select Geometry and choose "Create New Geometry", I get a new screen that has only a gray background and no secectable menus/buttons. Any ideas?

astro September 30, 2010 12:59

I have encountered a similar problem before which was solved by updating the video card driver.

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