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icemaniac178 February 18, 2010 23:17

FSI : CFX or Fluent?
i am student from Malaysia. currently i`m doing a research on FSI where i will simulate a flexible wing structure to air interaction. My simulation will only include about the calculation of lift, drag, moment ceofficient, boudary layer thickness, static presure, pressure distribution and local velocity on the wing structure. i assume that this calculation is only a basic calculation for aerodynamic performance. For your information, i will use Ansys 12.1

My questions are:

1) which FSI simulation is suitable to use according to my calculation, CFX or Fluent?
2) What type of meshing tool is suitable, is it ICEM or just the automesh tool provided by CFX and Fluent?
3) are there any suitable or related example to this type of FSI ?

meb February 19, 2010 07:33

I cannot help you with CFX. In any case the application can be solved using FSI and weak coupling. I did it in the past using fluent and UDF ( the structural part was modelled by means of the UDF, the mesh was moved using standard moving mesh model of Fluent.
I'm currently exploring a different approach: mesh morphing (using RBF Morph) + modal representation of the structure.



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