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huela March 10, 2010 07:37

NEED Help Ansys Workbench!!!!!
i am a newbie at Ansys Workbench and I need your help! I study mechanical engineering at the technical university of chemnitz and i got a job there.
Now my problem:
I started a project in Workbench with FLUENT and everythink is ready. The Geometry is done the Mesh the Setup the Solution and the Result always done. Now i insert a input Parameter in the Geometry and a output Parameter with the max Pressure in the Result. In the Parameter Set I see the the Results of the Parameter.
Now I want in the Result Menü a Chart with every single Result. But I dont know how that works!
For me it is really important to konw how it works! It would be very nice when you can send me a how to do!

I thank you so much for your answer!

huela March 10, 2010 10:40

If my English is to bad, please tell me and I write my Question new!
Please help me it is important!

Thank you so much!!!!

huela March 10, 2010 13:46

Could someone tell me where I find the right tutorial?!
I could not ask anyone else!

huela March 12, 2010 05:22

Ahh I understand, nobody is intelligent enough to know that! I`m so sorry that I asked so heavy questions!
Thank you for nothing!!!!!!!!

PSYMN March 21, 2010 15:15

Wow, you implode after two days and blame others for not giving you free help? You probably need a bit more patience to use CFD-Online, but I will guess you were under stress and help out anyway;)

You are looking to setup a list of runs with varying parameters and solve them as a batch series of runs?

You can do this two ways. If you want to create your own table, you can try that by clicking on the parameter bar. You can type in new parameter combinations until you get what you want. If you have 12.1, you can cut and paste from Excel.

The more advanced/easy way is with ANSYS DesignXplorer (look it up on the website). This will create a DOE (Design of Experiments) for you and then analyize the results. It produces charts on sensitivity, optimization, etc. You can look for tutorials on ANSYS DesignXplorer if you have the license to run it (it is one of the lowest cost licenses at ANSYS).

narf80 September 13, 2010 03:36

Same problem but on linux

i am also new to ansys and i have a similar problem.
I want to do a transient thermal calculation. As boundary conditions i have a lot of data which were measured in an experiment. The problem is, that i do not get the data into ansys. The xml format which is produced by excel is completly different to the ansys format and the copy and paste stuff does not work on the linux version of workbench.
Does any body know how to get the data into ansys?

I have tried to use the APDL commands "tread" and "sfl" to define the boundary conditions, but i have not got it to work.

Thanks for all your help.

narf80 October 12, 2010 04:03

Problem solved
I've solved my problem by writing a macro which creates a xml file with the boundary conditions which can be read by Ansys workbench 12.

hannah72206 June 21, 2012 16:57

Do you know of a macro like that for Workbench 13?

phanikumar May 15, 2017 14:08

Please show the example of your work

Originally Posted by narf80 (Post 278761)
I've solved my problem by writing a macro which creates a xml file with the boundary conditions which can be read by Ansys workbench 12.


I am also facing the same problem with the Transient thermal in Ansys with having lots of data. Can you please share a template how the xml or macro file should look a like which supports ansys.

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