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Shaoming March 12, 2010 11:37

Problems with generated results of 3D wing analysis
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Hi all,

I am using Fluent to analyse a typical 3D wing problem under low Re. However, the CL which was obtained is way too high in region of 3.7 for AoA of 4!

(selected results from force report)
Force vector: (0.06976 0.997564 0)
pressure total pressure total
force force coefficient coefficient
n n
-------------- --------------
2.2806709 2.2830547 3.7235443 3.7274363
-------------- -------------- -------------- --------------
2.2806709 2.2830547 3.7235443 3.7274363

Could anyone help verify if the parameters used are suitable and correct?

(grid checks and scaling have been carried out correctly)
Solver: Pressure-based
Materials: constant density and viscosity
Viscous Model: Spalart-Allmaras (at default values)
Operating Conditions: Op pressure = 101325 Pa
Boundary Conditions: (kindly refer to attached file)
Inlet-velocity inlet
Outlet-pressure outlet

Kindly point out any possible loopholes which i might have in the meshing as well. (FYI airfoil used is GEMINI, c=0.171m, b=1.2)

Thanks in advance!

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