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thipps March 18, 2010 08:23

mass transfer in ANSYS
Im a bit new to ANSYS. Im looking for a couple of things. Did the search of topics but didnt find any matches. I need to simulate combined heat and mass transfer (e.g. like in cooling towers) in ANSYS 11. Simulating heat transfer separately was easy. Now, I want to do the same for mass transfer separately to get the confidence that Im on the right track. Since the conduction and mass transfer equations look the same... it seems I can substitute diffusion coefficient for thermal conductivity and so on. Or even use a convection element and give the convective mass transfer coefficient instead of the convective heat transfer coefficient. That should work. I am unable to locate any tutorial or article in this regard. Would appreciate if someone can provide info on that.

After Im done with that, what I finally really need to know is this:
Is there any element in ANSYS 11 that has an in-built ability to solve combined heat and mass transfer problems? One element that can handle both.

Appreciate any guidance.

ilbelo August 29, 2013 11:05

Heat and mass transfer
Hi Thipps,
I'm looking for the same things as you, i need to simulate the drying of grass with forced convection, so i need a CFD model which can be like the cooling towers one. Are you still investigating in it? Did you find anything?
Thx! have a good day!
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