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rjamison March 20, 2010 18:01

CFX FSI From the Command Line
Hello All,

I'm trying to run ANSYS CFX on Linux using the command line. I'm able to run CFX SS simulations without any difficulties. The problem comes when I try to run ANSYS Multi-field (FSI) simulations. This is an example of my command line:

/usr/local/.../CFX/bin/cfx5solve -def CM.def -initial CM_SS_001.res -ansys-input Solid.inp

As you can see I have to explicitly define cfx5solve path. The problem is when I run this in the command line I get an error saying that there is no ANSYS license, but when I run this through the CFX Solver I don't get this error! Do I need to explicitly define the path of the ANSYS solver somehow? Or is there something else? Thanks in advance!

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