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imbesh March 25, 2010 17:59

Centrifugal force !!??
sry guys i know this is not right place for my question but i need urgent help ..! because this is regarding ANSYS Mechanical ::

i want to do stress analysis of disk which is rotating about its centre with 'w' . But i donno how to apply varying centrifugal force for analysis (F=mrw²) ? . anyone know how to do this? ( Note: static problem)

Michiel March 31, 2010 03:11

For workbench 11 This migth work: Insert a static structural analysis. Select the folder static structural in the project tree. Now a toolbar appears with the button Inertial. Click this button and select rotational velocity. Define the bodies which should rotate, the axis of rotation and the rotational velocity.

imbesh April 1, 2010 18:32

hey thnx....

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