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travis.moulding March 31, 2010 18:33

Importing Gridgen into Fluent
I am a new user and I am having a real hard time importing my mesh that I made in Gridgen into Fluent. I have tried to export the grid points, surfaces, in Nastran, Patran, Plot3D with no luck. Can anybody tell me how I should export the mesh so that I can import it into Fluent.
Thanks in advance!

rmatus March 31, 2010 19:19

Use the Fluent ASW
In Gridgen, go to the Analysis Software commands menu. Choose Fluent as your analysis software, then Export Analysis Data. Gridgen will write a Fluent .cas file you can read directly in Fluent.

Let me know if that gives you any problems.

travis.moulding April 1, 2010 09:16

rmatus, thanks for the info. I did what your saying but when I go t the export command, the "Export Analysis Data" is greyed out. Is there somthing I'm missing?

gracerlima April 1, 2010 19:53

Hi Travis,

try do describe here all the steps you are taking along the mesh generation process...It will be better for us to figure out what is missing!!!

I will try to help you!:D

rmatus April 5, 2010 09:38

Made any blocks yet?

The Export Analysis Data button will be greyed out unless you have created some blocks. In Gridgen, only blocks can be exported as analysis data. This is true even for 2D grids, for which you build 2D blocks, or collections of domains.

Other than that, I can't think of what would cause that button to be greyed out. If you can provide additional details about the steps you are taking maybe I can help more.

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