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mechanicaldesign April 3, 2010 11:01

ASNSYS 11 LINUX 64 -> on quadcore
Hi all,

I install on computer ANSYS 11 LINUX 64 (Ubuntu). Computer have an an quad core i7 processor (2.8 GHz) and 12 Gb ram memory. How I can observe, this type of processor beside of 4 physical cores have other 4 imaginary cores (so in total have 8 nodes / precessor).

My question is: how must be setup ANSYS from launcher menu on ¨High Performance Computing Setup¨ in a manner in which can see all nodes (in my case 8) and using it for solve the problem ?

In this moment, when I choose ¨Shared memory parallel¨ to ¨Number of processor¨ apear only 2. In this moment I made the test using first option ¨None¨, and I observe that the nodes of processor works alternative (1 node, 2nodes, 4 nodes, etc) function of necessity (I think), but I don´t see all nodes to work sometimes in my test study.

So, I waiting much early is possible an suggestion, or ideea which can offer the possibility to used computer to all power from hardware on 64 biti.

Thanks to all in advance for yours support.

Best regards.

P.S. I used only ANSYS Classic 11

mechanicaldesign April 6, 2010 08:27

Hi all,

After some time in test, I read that: for much more nodes is necessary much more license to have. Were must be added the secondary licenses in a manner in which don influence my actually license, and beside of this, if I have much more license how must be enumerated, because license is denominated: license.dat and license.txt.

Maybe must entered additional license in my actually license ?

Can somebody offer an answer of my question.

I waiting much early is possible.

Best regards to all for support and help.

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