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TDi April 7, 2010 17:49

Dynamic mesh help
I'm trying to model the heat transfer in a solid which is growing through deposition. Using a UDF, I'm able to move one of the boundaries in time to accurately simulate the growth, but I'm running into two problems:
1 - the grid_motion is taking longer and longer with each step. After I move the boundary ~10 times, the iterations are taking 60s and longer. This is with no calculations, only previewing the mesh motion.
2 - the remeshing never adds any nodes, so the skewness value is getting close to 1 for the cells along the boundary zones that I'm moving. I'm using the dynamic mesh option with layering and remeshing turned on.

Can anyone tell me a way to force Fluent to refine the mesh along a boundary, either by the options or from within a UDF?

Many thanks,

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