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christy April 17, 2010 04:06

nodes problem
Hi all,

I'm a beginner in FEA and got a problem regarding nodes. Can you split a line into a number of nodes using APDL script? Then a force should be applied as these nodes using F. The line is and arc.

Thanks in advance

mechanicaldesign May 28, 2010 04:54

Hi christy,

It is not clear, if yor line is a part from solid component, shell component or beam component. Anyway, you must to have first of all the line meshed. The mesh made elements and nodes with the software calculate tension and deformation, displacement, etc. So, the mesh and type of element used dicted number of nodes from your line. Now, function of manner in which you want to apply loads F on nodes (in one direction, radial, like an resultant, etc) you must divided that F in how manny nodes you have on that line, and the results must be atached on every node, or with this results and angle betweens center of arc and radius of arc you must determinate the rest of components of F. Don't forghet to divided the F to number of nodes from that line, and with that values operate on YOUR model.

I hope is useful for you this information.

Best regards.

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