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sosat1012 April 21, 2010 06:13

multiple species diffusion
I am using Ansys mechanical apdl (like the classical ansys before cfx and fluent become an ansys product). I am trying to simulate a multiple species diffusion. Inside a permeable (from one side) box that is surrounded by atmospheric air there is a source of CO2 and I want to find out the final concentrations of CO2, O2 and N2 inside the box (due to diffusion only not advection) when the system reaches equilibrium.

Is this possible? Does anyone know?

Sushil September 10, 2011 20:55

I am also looking for solution of this problem.Can someone come forward for help ?

papteo November 23, 2011 12:48

yes it is possible with fluent ! you can either use kinetic theory or the multicomponent option! there you can define the diffusion for the all gas pairs. Finally with a UDF you can read the desired diffusion_dara from the program!

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