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nuothe11th April 23, 2010 12:11

Temperature contour as thermal condition in Workbench?
Hello. I'm a user of Workbench v12 and prefer it over Classic and Patran due to the graphical interface, organization, and productivity. I also have significantly more experience in Workbench. I notice there may be things Workbench "can't do" that Classic can, however I have heard you should be able to "do everything in Workbench that you can do in classic."

I would like to use a temperature contour of a part (specifically, the output generated by a P-thermal analysis, showing the steady state operational temperatures of the part) as the "Thermal Condition" load for a Static-Structural analysis, in Workbench. Is this possible? I see options for uni-directional contouring with one indep. variable, but not multiple variables necessary to define the 3D temperature contour as a thermal condition.

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