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ermes May 14, 2010 05:12

Export pressure from ansys to fluent
Hi all,
I'm trying to export pressure data from fluent to ansys to have a structural analisys but fluent exports;) nodes and shell elements.
To make my strustural analisys i need to use brick elements so i don't know how to do.

Somebody can help me?


mechanicaldesign May 18, 2010 01:28

hi ermes,

To made type of study, you have here two option:

1. Using coupled study MFX;
2. Using software MPCCI;

The software presented to point 2, presented the main advantage, that permit to settup your solver for every type of study (structural and CFD) independently.

From my knowledge, this is option what do you have.

Best regards.

ermes May 21, 2010 06:15

Mpcci and brick elements
Dear mechanical design,
thank you for your answer.
If i can i would ask you about your answer.
Mpcci allows me to export pressure data and apply them in a solid mesh made with brick elements in ansys or it works only with surface mesh (shell)?

Thanks in advantage and have a nice weekend.


mechanicaldesign May 23, 2010 12:11

Hi ermes,

Fortunately, this option allow to you to setup your thermal or CFD problem in FLUENT, and separate to settup your problem in ANSYS Classic or Mechanical APDL. This software made link betweens him. Its like MFX option from ANSYS, with specification that is much more easy to used. Your capacity not be focally on setup of coupling study like in MFX, only on your FLUENT condition and ANSYS condition.

I hope is useful for you this information. Please keep me in touch with your progress, because Im curious about how it work from your point of view.

Best regards.

ermes June 7, 2010 07:24

Dear mechanical design,
i've requested a trial version of MPCCI 2 weeks ago and i'm still waiting for it.
I contact the Fraunhofer institute and they said me that i will receice it last week.
You bought the softwere by them?
and how much did you payied?
Now i would ask you about another problem: UDF and transient analysys of a vertical axis wind turbine.
I don't now if you are familiar with it and , overall, if you will have the patience to listen to me.
If you want i will describe you the problem.

Thanks for helping me


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