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Pat84 May 17, 2010 12:23

meshing my mixer in icem
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i try to mesh a simple geometry in ICEM, but the blocking makes me crazy.
I have tried to block it by rotate a 2D block and had trouble with the inlet tubes. i have made a surrounding block and cutted/extruded it, but the quality is very poor (i have negativ 3x3x3 determinants) and a have far to much cells in the smaller outlet-tube. i have added pictures and the .tin file, so you can se my trouble.

i hope you can help my.

And by the way:
how can i export my mesh as cgns or neutral file? i have set the output file to cgns, but with mesh -> save mesh i only can save as .uns.

best regards,

Pat84 May 17, 2010 15:21

Hmmm.. i canīt upload .tin or .stp files here.i hope you can help me without them.


i have tried to rotate again and the quality appears to be ok. you can see my new blocking at the pics.
i think it cost to much time to block the geometry in ICEM. i needed more than two hours to block this easy geometry again.

my remaining problem is the much to fine grid in the outlet tube (at the bottom of the geometry). the reason is the shrinking diameter from the top to the bottom of the mixer.
is it possible to make a block for the outlet tube, that only remain as an core in the bigger part of the geometry?

best regards,

Pat84 May 17, 2010 18:17

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here the pics:

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