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mahim May 21, 2010 07:31

i am a newbie in my geometry i had to vary the distance within two boundaries sinusoidally, i though i could do this by varying one of the boundaries..but i am not able to get any option as such to do this in boundary there any other way to do this..please help?

acep-20 August 24, 2010 04:47

we are new at using polyflow.
We try to make analysis about PVC, etc...

we have some informations about our material PVC
for example:

zero-rate viscosity
infinite-rate viscosity
rate index
normalised thixotropy

and we have "shear rate-viscosity graphic"

We learned that we had to use Bird-Carreau Law?

Is this right? or Do you have other advice?
Also we are not sure about "system of units" and how to use the informations that I mentioned above.

Could you please help us?

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