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zeitoun June 3, 2010 08:30

Ansys CFX vs CFD for multiphase+particle
I posted this thread in the wrong forum, this time is the right one !

I want to simulate the behaviour of the water intake to a hydroelectric plant on Ansys.
It's a multiphase flow with 2 continuous fluid (air and water) and free surface model.
So far I've used CFX, no pb.

But now I want to inject sand and do particle tracking.
I got an error message in CFX because multiphase flow together with particle tracking is not supported... :mad:

So should I switch to CFD ? Will it be feasible and not too difficult (I'm a beginner on Ansys !).
or can I stay in CFX ? Then I guess I should give up particle transport morphology for sand.....

If some expert could help me make the right choice, that would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

zeitoun June 4, 2010 03:58

Ok, I'm trying to continue in CFX.
I don't really need to do particle tracking. Just need to see volume fraction in steady state of the sand in water.

So I defined water and air as continuous fluids (with free surface between them), and sand as dispersed solid.

Does anyone know what Reference density I should use for the 3 material.
In the tutorial for multiphase (air + water) I read to use density of air.
But in Tutorial for sand particle in water (butterfly valve example), I read to use density of water as ref. density of sand and water (well, they have no air, it makes sense).

But I'm just inbetween ! Can anyone help me on this ?



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