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Dreamdancer June 6, 2010 16:48

File import from Solidworks to ICEM
Hi Folks,

i need to mesh some turbine rotor geometry. Due to that, I have constructed the geometry in Solidworks and now want to mesh it using ICEM.

Normally, I did this in the following way:

1.) exporting the geometry from solidworks as an .igs-file
2.) deleting all the available curves and points
3.) building a new topology to create new curves using a model topo tolerance of about 0.00001 (my geometry is about 70mm long)

This time, I experienced the problem that the build topology function produces all bended curves in yellow colour (which would mean they are not connected to all attached surfaces.

Does anyone have a hint how to solve this problem and to get to a good geometry?

Thanks a lot,


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