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rahman June 23, 2010 17:32

FSI - beam
Hi guys

I am working on a project based on FSI . In this project i need to simulate a simply supported beam in a fluid flow using ansys . I need your help and guidance on how should i go about it . should i use fluent or cfx ? . I need tutorials which will help me in achieving this .

thank you

Mehran July 25, 2010 08:55


Just follow steps in cfx12 tutorial number 23 and you will understand how to set such a simulation.

ankit.rokr October 23, 2011 08:37

Modeeling of flapping wing Ansys

I am modelling a rigid thin wing flapping in fluid. I have to determine the resulting pressure distribution around the wing.Since i am just a beginner i want an ansys tutorial on FSI problem. Can you please explain in detail where can i get the above mentioned tutorial23?

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