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nahmed June 29, 2010 08:38

Recommended software for heat sink simulation

I am new to the field of CFD and I need some advice about best software for my requirements. I want to simulate a heat sink mechanism for a laptop (comprising of heat pipe, fins and fan module). Can anyone reccomend me which could be the best CFD software for that purpose?

I got in touch with an expert before and she reccomended me Icepack. I dont know much about it. Is it good?

Actually the research papers I have reviewed so far normally mention software like Fluent 6.3 or COMSOL maybe. Anyone useful suggestion for the software selection is welcome.


nahmed July 2, 2010 19:20

a gentle bounce! :)

Any good advice?

CPUcruncher July 3, 2010 12:17


Originally Posted by nahmed (Post 265543)
a gentle bounce! :)

Any good advice?

For this purpose every multi-physics software like ANSYS, CFD-ACE or OpenFOAM can be used. I can recommend ANSYS. I use it for many years and i am quite satisfied.


Steffen August 20, 2010 21:53

how to define surface temps and heatlosses in Ansys, started another topic on that reg. airgaps.
There is CFDesign too, but I don't think I lose 1.6 KW on 10 000mm˛ and temperature difference of 17K..... If it was like that I need 1MW to heat my livingroom...

nitintyagi89 August 22, 2010 22:50

software suggestion
Hello sir
I reccommend that you should go for mold flow or ansys for heat sink problems because mold is the speciality software for heat analysis.....

for further assistance refer to following site:

bighead October 27, 2010 09:49

try ICEPAK from ANSYS. Easy to use GUI and meshing with powerful Fluent solver ...

heat pipe: Conductive block with orthotropic properties
fins: Conducting blocks
fan module: User input fan curve

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