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sodjaj June 30, 2010 05:17

Changing CFX.def in WorkBench Parametric analysis
I am performing parametric analysis in Ansys Workbench using three components: Geometry, Mesh and CFX. I introduced one parameter for the height of my calculation domain. So as the parameter changes a new design point is created and the whole analysis chain gets updated (the WB project is copied to new project – design point, then geometry is updated, then the mesh is updated and the CFX module gets updated also).

I want to run the CFX module in parallel on two computers. However while preparing the simulation in CFX pre for the initial design point, I can only choose HP MPI Local or MPICH2 Local. I am not able to choose HP MPI Distributed.

My question is how to change the solver definition file so that the CFX module will run in parallel and that it will not get overwritten by cfx-pre when new design point is initialised?

I tried to modify *.def file of the simulation by cfx5cmds command and set parallel environment manually. As a result the first design point is calculated in parallel on two computers, however all the following design points are calculated in accordance to initial settings in Execution control in CFX-Pre. The modified *.def file gets overwritten.

I also tried to import the *.ccl file to CFX-pre with my settings of parallel environment. But there was an error, because one can not set parallel environment to distributed in CFX-pre.

I also tried to change the *.def file in Define , I didn’t run the actual computation. Instead I just saved the *.def file. However no changes were saved.

Thank you for your help!
Kind regards,
Jurij Sodja

Jade M August 23, 2010 10:04

I have not run in parallel so I am not sure whether this will answer your question. With regard to parameterized models, this should work. Please find below instructions that I have written for myself.

When running models with parameters, the default is such that the files folder does not contain separate subfolders for each design point. To change this, in Project Schematic, click Parameter Set. In Table of Design Points, scroll over to the second to last column entitled Exported. Check the box to export all design points. Alternatively, check each design point of interest in the cells below Exported.
Selecting Exported will create a .wbpj for each additional design point. The .out files can be viewed in the original files folder for the appropriate design point, or in the files folder created for the design point. To view the mesh or results for additional design points, open the.wbpj file for the particular design point.
If the model has already been run with all design points without Exported checked, then the solver reruns the model. Be sure to check the Exported box prior to running the model!

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