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elmcmaster July 9, 2010 06:24

Divergence Detected in AMG solver- Species 0
Hi all,

I am simualting flow and water gas shift reaction through a packed bed reactor. I am also using compiled UDFs for custom reaction rates and zone specific diffusivities.

For testing I run the simulation on my windows 7 PC first, initially with reactions off and product species equations off, to get a converged coldflow result before enabling reactions and product equations, then iterate to get a steady converged soloution, before going on to do various unsteady calculations.

Using this same case file, and a Text journal, i intend to do exactly the same procedure but more in depth on my universities Parallel computer, which is Itanium 64 architecture, however, even though there are no problems on the Windows computer, the output text file from the console indicates that even before the first iteration is copleted, that there is:

Divergence in the AMG solver- species-0

Then it just hangs

I have tried reducing the under relaxation factors for the species, though the error still remains.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.



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