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pdevore July 13, 2010 21:26

Capabilities of Movable Mesh in ANSYS
Hi all,

First post here. Very new to CFD in general, but have a physics background so can understand some general ideas of what happens in fluid flows. Please bear with me with the background.

I am looking for software that can simulate a projectile moving through a fluid and the fluid causing the projectile to move, e.g. slow it down and induce a torque causing it to rotate (is this an example of Solid Fluid Interaction? It sounds like it...). I figure I can just move to the frame of the projectile and set velocity boundary conditions outside the volume of interest. The only software that I found that can do movable meshes is ANSYS with either CFX or Fluent.

Additionally, I want to be able to batch my simulations through changing a single parameter, e.g. a relative positioning of objects or rotation of objects. In Solidworks + Flow Simulator, which I use now, one has to create a new Project for every little change. It does have a Parametric Study option, but that does not work for rotation.

Any advice on which software to pick? Are there any multiphysics out there besides ANSYS that can accomplish this problem? I am currently using Solidworks + Solidworks Flow Simulation, but it lacks movable mesh and good batching capabilities.

Thank you for your time!

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