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spatialtime July 19, 2010 06:12

Create moving mesh without simulating (CFX)
Is it possible to let CFX calculate a moving mesh (pre-defined mesh deformation: wall boundary layer moving), without doing the time consuming simulation. I want to do this predictions, so I dont get negative volumes or bad mesh during my calculation, so I have to totally redo it. It would be great if there is a trick to just get the mesh for every transient timestep without the equations solved. So in CFX post I just can see the mesh for every time step without of course the velocity field or other parameters that have to be solved. Note: its just mesh deformation, without FSI.

Hope to hear you, even if its an idea. Thanks

NickFL July 19, 2010 16:38


Yes, you can simply turn off the flow equations by using the expert parameters. Simply add this in your .def file and set each equation to false. This will solve a predefined moving mesh for the specified transient time. Unless your mesh is huge, this will be pretty quick and a good way to debug your model.

Pavelko July 22, 2010 10:30

Help please !
Dear all ,

I was using Fluent and Gambit . Now I must to learn
ANSYS DesignModeler
ANSYS DesignMesh
and I have a problem to get started .

I want to start with a very simple problem : LAMINAR STEADY STATE FLOW IN RIGID TUBE .

Do anyone can give me some tips , or send me some useful tutorials ?

I'll be grateful for any help !
Thanks a lot,
Pavelko .

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