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ArGri August 18, 2010 11:05

[ICEM] Get the returned values using "ic_split" command

I'm facing a small problem using replay scripts on ICEMCFD I'm sure you can help me with :

I need to split a curve using two different points :

ic_point intersect CHIMERE pnt.69000 {crv.06 crv.2010} tol 0.1
ic_point intersect CHIMERE pnt.69001 {crv.06 crv.2010} tol 0.1
set split [ic_geo_split_curve crv.06 {pnt.69000 pnt.69001}]

I get the returned values in the $split list-variable. I want to use the splitted curves contained in this list :

set split1 [lindex $split 0]
set split2 [lindex $split 1]
set split3 [lindex $split 2]

I want then create a surface based on one of the splitted curve $split2 :

ic_surface 2-4crvs AIRE srf.01 {0.01 {$split2 crv.2010}}

But, as running the rpl file, I'm told that there is "no curve named $split2".

Do tou have any idea where my mistake is?

Thank you!!

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