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fyp August 20, 2010 23:07

Mesh Check Failed, Please Help!
When using FLUENT to check mech, there is an error message saying that "Warning: mech check failed". But it had passed the mesh check by using ICEM. Please advice. Thanks.

arash_7444 August 26, 2010 00:05

probably, skewness of your mesh is high

is that right?

fyp August 27, 2010 06:41

yes, you are right.
thanks :)

rupakbanerjee August 28, 2010 18:09

same problem.

do i use a smaller mesh spacing?

descendents1 August 29, 2010 05:41

If you are certain skewness is your problem, locate where your problem cells are located. Then you'll want to refine your mesh in those regions (as it is likely there is a cluster of highly skewed cells). Don't refine your entire mesh only to fix one small problem area as it will cut into computation time.

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