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EphemeralMemory August 30, 2010 16:48

64 Bit software or 64 bit compatibility?
I have a few questions about Ansys software. Specifically, I have a huge mesh file that my old 32 bit version of GAMBIT can't solve. I know I need a 64 bit solver, but my recent searches have only yielded software that run 64 bit compatible software that runs with 32 bit solvers. ITK is one; it has some 64 bit support, and has 64 bit compatbility, but I don't think it can solve 64 bi meshes.

Can anyone offer any advice?

Max Efficiency August 31, 2010 05:29

I am not an expert for questions like that, but I can tell you something about the way I work:

I create meshes (beside other tools) with ansys meshing on a 32 bit operating system. In some cases, the solver needs more than 2 gigabyte RAM to start the iterations. Those cases cannot be calculated on a 32 bit operating system. I change than to a 64 bit system, on which I have installed CFX in the 64 bit version (it is the same license for 32 and 64 bit). And without any other change (except the use of CFX in the 64 bit version) I can directly start the calculation of the mesh (which has been created on a 32 bit system) and the solvers starts with calculatin the iterations.

Maybe that information help you. If not, I hope someone else in this forum can help you.

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