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shanon September 21, 2010 09:00

k-w SST transitional model problem
I am performing low Reynolds flow over eppler 361 airfoil. the sst transitional k-w turbulence model has been used.
the first lenght of grid near the wall is about 10^-5 C of airfoil. the flow Reynolds number is set to be 100000. In such Reynolds Numbers, the laminar separation bubbles form near the leading edge of the airfoil, causing more complicated flow.
the problem is when I intend to model the flow, I see some strange behavior in residuals;i.e. the continuity residual is in order of 0.001 and w equation residual shows some peaks of fluctuation (sth like electrocardiogram:)). these fluctuation peaks are of order such that they rise the residual by 4~5 orders.
As I have tried my best to resolve the mesh near the airfoil as much as possible, and the y+ value shows that the grid is fine enough; I do not know how to fix the problem.
So would anybody help me on the subject, I would be grateful.

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