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mandar September 22, 2010 07:56

Multiphase mass transfer in fluent
Does anyone here know how to model a multiphase mass transfer process in fluent..
My problem statement is as follows..

A horizontal water pipeline is directly connected to the vertical gas pipeline...The water is just simply released in the gas pipeline.. The gas is flowing downwards... there is no nozzle...

What inputs are required for these type of mass transfer processes...

Goldsstean September 23, 2010 06:05

share something more

mandar September 23, 2010 23:44

well the water pipeline has a flow of around 4 m3/hr, and its a 2-in pipe, while the gas is flowing in a big 36-in pipe, and it has a much higher velocity of arnd 40 m3/ the water most probably forms droplets immediately on coming in contact with the gas...

how do i model this in fluent? is there any way i can avoid giving the droplet size, as i cannot find correlations for the size of the droplet which will form for this specific geometry?...i finally want to calculate the mass transfer which occurs from the gas phase to the liquid as there are some gases which need to be absorbed in the water..

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