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bramdiff September 24, 2010 06:53

Dear all

I have just started my PhD and need to model a vertical axis turbine. I am new to cfd and would like your advice.

I need to model the turbine flaps opening and closing, they open/close depending on the fluid flow, and are not motor driven. Their movement is restricted to 180 degrees.

My problem is a bit like trying to model the wind blowing a door open, and if the wind was coming from the other direction, it would blow the door shut. my question is how would you model this? is it a fsi problem? or do I have to predict the position of the flaps (not desirable)? I have been told that I would need to write a udf to calculate the movement based on the pressure difference either side of the flap- is this a recommended way of solving this?

I have been advised that either fluent or cfx have this capability, which software do you think is more appropriate? also would i need the icem meshing software as the flaps can move 180 degrees, or would the built in meshing tools be able to handle this?

Any ideas/suggestions are extremely helpful as I am trying to gather as much infomation as possible at the moment.

Many thanks in advance


Jade M October 19, 2010 13:31

About the choice of software, I think that there are several discussions at this site about this. However, I am not sure about the best way to search them out.
One discussion I was involved in is at
Fresher guy seeking some help

I actually had to make this decision about choice of software for my company early this year and recommended CFX. My understanding is that CFX is fully integrated into Workbench while Fluent is not. Except for some specialized work such as shocks or multiphase, then Fluent may not be needed. To understand the modelling capabilities of each software, see the capabilities chart for 12.0 at

The capabilities chart for 13.0 is at

None of this will be an issue in the next release (Version 13.0) when Workbench will have a single CFD package, as another user stated.

Correction, the ANSYS folks just visited and indicated that there will not be a single CFD package until Version 14.0.

Good luck! :)

enssay November 10, 2010 06:49

open source MFIX
Dear all

I need to model combustion in a fluidized bed reactor. I am new to cfd and would like to download the open source MFIX.

Can you help me.

Thank you in advance

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