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bensonnggl September 25, 2010 00:59

FEA Simulation of heat pipe
Hihi! Im new to Ansys and to this forum. Hope to get advise on my Final year project for my degree on this topic.

I am suppose to analyse the effectiveness of a heat pipe in transfering heat from point A to B. This is probably a thermal and fluid analysis which has to be solve simultaneously where the working fluid act as the medium in transferring heat via phase change. This working fluid is embedded in a pipe consisting of the outer wall and an inner porous wick structure (which transports the fluid from the condenser side back to the evaporator side via capillary action) which contains the fluid.

Various questions I like to clarify:
1) Can this analysis be solve simultaneously since there are two differnet physics involve: fluid and solid hence the probable use of flotran elements and solid elements
2) Is it possible to restrict and control the velocity in the fluid as well the fluids that is in the wick structure?

I'm totally new to Ansys hence have been having a hard time learning the software. Hope to be enlightened! Thanks in advance people! :)

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