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JoelHenrik September 29, 2010 10:09

Ansys Workbench contact problem!
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I have a problem that requires me to do a simple simulation of a sheet metal stamping. I have access to Ansys Workbench v12 Academic version, and have familiarized myself with the program and tried to read up on its features and limitations.

The simulation is selected as a static structural.

The boundary conditions are set as:
* The lower die-tool underside is set with a Fixed Support
* The upper die-tool vertical sides are set with Frictionless support, to allow a movement in the vertical direction.
* The sheet metal plate´s long sides are also set with Frictionless support, to prevent a possible Rigid-body motion, but still allow a vertical press movement.
* The upper tool is applied with a displacement towards the second tool.
* There is a initial contact between the platesurfaces and the tool's pressure surfaces.
* There a two sets of contacts. First, the upper tool´s whole stamping-area and the surface of the plate that it intersects with. Second, the lower tool´s surface and the bottom surface of the plate.

My problem occurs when I am applying the contact conditions for the contact area. Ansys choice is initially a bonded contact, and simulations can be done. However, this does not simulate the reality as we do not allow room to stretch and slide the plate. I would therefore choose a Frictional contact and puts friction to about 0.3, just to test out. Then the simulation would not converge, and the upper tool glides right through the plate without being aware of when a contact occurs.
Could it be that Workbench is not allocated for this type of simulation, or do I choose the wrong settings?
Would any kind person be able to explain if this is not possible, and if so, what restrictions of the program that causes this?
Best regards, J-H

mechanicaldesign October 1, 2010 14:57

Hi JoelHenrik,

I have some lake about some things from your input data. This lake is represented by analysis condition:

-type of study
-number of steps, substeps, time, etc...
-material type
-real friction coef. betweens bodys in contact
-imposed load : displacement, force, acceleration, velocity, etc

Before to send you some idea, or my opinion (first of all), please complete this topic with information specified anterior.

Best regards

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