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plmatthews October 5, 2010 04:44

Gambit/Fluent: Stress free boundary conditions

I have created a simple 2-d mesh of a moutain bike helmet which is basically a half circle at the bottom of a large rectangle (a circle subtracted from a rectangle). I have been told I need to specify stress free boundary conditions for the bottom edge (infront and behind the helmet) I can not find stress free conditions in the 'type' drop down box on the 'specifiy boundary types' menu, can anyone help?

Also as I am using the fluent5/6 solver on gambit there is no inflow on the same drop down menu should I select velocity_inlet or mass_flow_inlet? I pressumed velocity inlet as I will be simulating air flow over the helmet.

Many thanks!

plmatthews October 7, 2010 08:13

Please help?!

I basically just need to know how to impose stress-free boundary conditons to a mesh boundary using Gambit 2.2.30 or Fluent 6.2.16 software. :-)

Logan Page October 8, 2010 05:57

from what i understand of your problem you can try using a symmetry BC on the bottom edge (front and back)

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