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Jade M October 21, 2010 11:55

Phase Change Problems
I am curious about solving liquid-solid phase-change problems with CFX or Fluent? I am interested in relatively simple phase change problem for the solidification of liquid semiconductors. In particular, I’m interested in both scenarios where liquid solidifies directly into a solid without the mixed phase region and also where the liquid solidifies with the liquid and solid region adjacent to the solidification front.

Also, I am curious about CFX/Fluent's capabilities in solving magnetohydrodynamic and electrohydrodynamic problems.

I also directed these questions to my ANSYS technical rep but I am interested in comments from users in this forum.

Thanks so much for any information.

michael_owen October 21, 2010 16:56

I've seen slides from a FLUENT solidification model, and I had an old, old, old solidification example in CFX a couple of years ago (probably gone now). Your life will be much easier if the problems are straight phase change with zero flow, although it doesn't have to be. I'm contemplating building a full CHT ice-melting model to demonstrate this capability in CFX.

Both CFX and FLUENT can model MHD and EHD phenomena, although it is an advanced topic.

You can PM me if you're interested in looking into having these sorts of analyses done on a consulting basis.

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