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sunish5 October 26, 2010 15:44

Grid generation of an airfoil in Ansys workbench 12.1
I have designed a geometry in design modeller.Buti'm pretty confused on the generation of grid in design modeller.I got grid which doesnt look good.How do i refine my mesh.?
Being a first time user of it ,could someone suggest some links for videos relating to grid generation of an airfoil in ansys workbench.
Also i would like to know the various parameters that are to be considered before generating the grid.(mesh).
I have been giving assumed values for max thickness or the first layer thickness.What does Y+ value got to do with this. I set it to all quad.I need a complete idea of it.Please someone help me because i got to submit the coursework next week.I only have to generate the good grid, i dont have to solve further like analysis and solution
What are the things to be considered for inflation and how do i get the values of the various parameters.?are we assuming it?Somebody answer me quickly..i guess these are the basic stuffs..i expect a step by step procedure so that i can understand easily.Thank you

michael_owen October 26, 2010 23:29

Ask your instructor these questions.

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