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clarkent October 28, 2010 11:58

ansys 12.1 license error

I installed ansys 12.1 and its license manager to vista laptop. afterwards, i adapted the license file with my host name and flex id. when i try to run license wizard, i get "access denied", 3 times after i hit continue button. and the status are still :

ANSYS, Inc. License Manager status:
Licensing Interconnect: not running
Licensing Interconnect Monitor: not running
FLEXlm: not running

does anyone have an idea what might be the problem?

daniebae October 28, 2010 12:40


start the ANSYS License Client Admin Utility.
Go to " Set License Preferences for User ***** "
and then set Global Settings to "Use Academic Licenses"

guess you are a student...does it works ?

clarkent October 28, 2010 13:14

Hi Daniel,

I just tried that, first it asked if i wish to set 12.0.1 0r 12.1, i chose 12.1.
but then i got "failed to retrieve license preferences. please be sure that you are able to connect the license server"

i am a master student and working as well. i ll use it for training purposes at home.

daniebae October 28, 2010 13:19

then may you have to be connected with your unversity for example with VPN all the time to have the right proxy server and the use academic license.

otherwise i dont know

clarkent October 28, 2010 13:34

i dont have internet connection all the time at home, but thanks though.

michael_owen November 1, 2010 09:48


i adapted the license file with my host name and flex id.
You can't do this. The INCREMENT lines in the license file are created for a particular machine.

You will either need network access to the actual license server to check out licenses, or you will need to look into license borrowing.

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