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richardvan November 3, 2010 14:01

Pricing a CFD project
Can anybody tell me what is the cost of a cfd project? and according to what criteria it is priced?

Hamish November 3, 2010 22:42

The price depends on the size and complexity of the problem. Rates vary, but generally once you pose the problem you should be able to get a fix/not to exceed quote.
Without knowing the problem though, it is impossible to give more detail.
If you have any more specific questions feel free to email me at


kerhart November 5, 2010 21:44

Yes the costs can vary quite a bit throughout the industry and from problem to problem. Like most services the cost will be proportional to the time required to complete the work. This time will include both the setup and solution processes. From my experience I find that one area where you can save yourself some time (and money) is to provide CAD models that are ready for the CFD analysis. This often means removing small model features that may not be relevant to the overall flow analysis, as well as ensuring that all part models are accurate and "clean". Typically CFD modeling will require higher accuracy CAD models than manufacturing will need, so faces that are very small or any small gaps (due to CAD drawing practices) can create problems for the CFD analysis. Therefore, ensuring your CAD models are properly drawn and simplified where possible can reduce your setup costs. On the solution side of things it will depend on the size and scale of your problem, as well as the complexity of the physics required. Small boundary layers, large areas of flow separation, and time-dependency of the solutions are areas that typically add significantly to the solution times. I would be happy to discuss things in more detail if you have a specific job you are interested in completing.

Kevin Erhart, PhD
Research Vice President
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roba November 19, 2010 00:51

As other suggested, costs primarily depend on:
1. Time it takes to model the problem accurately and report it.
2. Number of iterations it may take to reach the final optimized solution.

So, in simple sense, it is the time it will take to do something.

Feel free to contact me if you have more questions or need help on a current consulting project.



atmcfd November 28, 2010 09:07

postgraduation in CFD
Hi Sriram,
I`m afraid this is the wrong thread to ask this question, but I`m getting done with my engineering degree and I`m applying to my postgrad in U.S. for research in CFD( Aerospace).I`m very interested in CFD sim of hypersonics and reacting flows and will be continuing to a PhD.
I want to know the job prospects in CFD ( in US as well as other parts of the world) -- I`m not too focussed on the money part , since I love this area anyway. If I`m working in a particular area of CFD (which is hypersonics in this case) , will it restrict my job search only to this area of CFD?
any thoughts on the CFD job market and employment/pay scales will be appreciated.. It would be useful for me before I start my grad studies.

ronaldalau December 8, 2010 10:28

General parameters:

Cell Count - The more cells, the more set-up and computation time. Having an idea of cell count goes a long way to predicting the amount of work involved.

Physics - Every additional scalar means more time. Reacting flow is hard and time consuming. Simple iso-thermal air flow is not.

Reporting - Everyone ignores the paperwork. In my work, I spend 1 week reporting for every 3 weeks of modeling.

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