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rushabh November 4, 2010 13:57

Particle tracking issue with CFX
I am simulating particle transport in CFX. I have geometry of 10 channels of size 40 microns. I was releasing particles in the range of 2-10 microns dia. Just to test the authenticity of the software I bumped the dia all the way up to 45 microns and was expecting the channels to block the particles. But that didn't happen. I even tried refining the mesh grid but in vain. Help???
(It's the same issue with COMSOL)

michael_owen November 4, 2010 14:48

The particle transport models are not valid for cases like that. CFX does not compare the particle diameters to the geometric or element sizes; it assumes you are using the software properly, i.e. that the particle diameters are small compared to the element sizes.

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