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kuleuvenstudent November 5, 2010 13:27

Running Ansys in BAtch Mode
Hello there,

We are two Engineering Students from the K.U.Leuven university and we're having some problems running ANSYS in batch mode.

Actually it's not really a fluidum-mechanical problem, It's about a dynamic analysis of a bridge....

We made a Ansys log file and when we paste this into the Ansys command line, the following ansys code let's us write the eigenfrequenties and the modal shapes to .dat -files. This works OK!


*VWRITE,NodeData(1,1),NodeData(1,2),NodeData(1,3), NodeData(1,4),NodeData(1,5)

But we need to run Ansys in batch mode using MatLab.
The problem we have is that when running batch mode, ansys only writes the Nodedata files but not the Frequencies.... While it does both when not in batch mode...

This is how we try to start ansys:

cd C:/THESIS/Ansys

dos('del Orthotrope_Plaat.out file.* .\Output\*.dat');
dos('"C:/Program Files/ANSYS Inc/v120/ansys/bin/intel/ansys120" -b nolist -p ANFL -i Orthotrope_Plaat.inp -o Orthotrope_Plaat.out');

cd C:/THESIS/Matlab

Does Anyone have an idea of what's going wrong?

Kind regards,

David and Steven

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