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kevin12 November 19, 2010 13:33

Glass Pane Analysis

I have been given a task to complete using an older version of ANSYS (not sure exactly which version).

The task is to apply a wind load to a glass pane.

Pane Dimensions - 660mm x 1700mm x 4mm

Youngs Modulus - 90GPa

Wind Speed - 52.8 m/s

Air Density - 1.293 kg/m3

What I would like to know is what hand calculations I would need to perform to give me all the stats I need to perform the analysis.

I would also like to know which element type/material properties/analysis type to use (or even a step by step guide to the analysis if it is simple enough for anyone).

As a complete beginner myself this is the first independent analysis I have undertaken (only previous use of ANSYS has been following tutorials) so I would appreciate it if you took this into consideration when replying and not over-complicate things for me (this analysis may seem extremely basic to some experts out there).

Any feedback is appreciated.

Kevin Jones.

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