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viking November 23, 2010 10:52

rotating frame of reference and total pressure
hello everyone,

i am using rotating frame of reference to simulate excentric rotor-stator system. now i want to use the total pressure to define an inlet on circumferential area on my plenum. please can anybody tell me whats meant by RELATIVE PRESSURE by chosing STATIONARY FRAME TOTAL PRESSURE?

i have a reference pressure in my system. am i right if i say, this is my static pressure term in total pressure? so the relative pressure must be the dynamic pressure. right?

thank you very much

bhatiadinesh November 24, 2010 00:25

Dear Sebastian,
Your reference pressure can be any prssure of your choice. It can be the atmospheric pressure or zero. It is genereally quite useful when using experimental data for giving boundary condition or when you want to see the small changes in pressure in the system which is substantially smller than the atmospheric pressure. As an eg of ref pressure, suppose if your ref pressure is 1000 Pa and you want to give a boundary condition where the actual pressure is say 2000 Pa then your rel pressure is 2000-1000 = 1000 Pa. If your ref press had been 0 Pa your rel press would be 2000 Pa.
Total or static is decided by your selection for type of boundary condition.

- Dinesh

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