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saiburry November 30, 2010 12:46

Which Multiphase Model i can use?
hi, everybody,i got a problem but i dont know how can i solve it.
Now i have to simulate a model which is similarity like that: a air-water fluid flow into a parallel connection channel (actually, it is a plate heat exchanger) .
now i have to know the air mass flow rate or water mass flow rate in each channel, Which Multiphase Model is better? mixture model?

kerhart December 3, 2010 21:19

The choice of multi-phase model depends on several flow factors, including the presence and size of bubbles, and the importance of free-surfaces. Try the following link to help you decide what model is best suited for your application. It provides a pretty detailed discussion on the various types available in Fluent (not sure if you are using Fluent, but the same flow regimes should generally apply to any CFD program, the model names might vary slightly but the approaches are pretty universal).


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