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Ghasem November 30, 2010 19:57

Link or Extension to CFX/Fluent
Dear All
We know most software with their Gherapical User Interface. But Advanced Software can let users to write some codes as extension to increase software flexibility. Sometimes software let us to use some external link to other softwares. For example with link to Visual Basic or Excel it is possible to perform some programming.
I checked interface of Fluent generally for porous media. But it is far from porous media concept in oil and gas reservoir simulation. Therefore I assume it may be possible to wirte some coding to Fluent (and CFX) and then ask from them to run it. Within such coding we should can define our system equation with required input data.

As an example within MATLAB there is such option. Matllab has user interface for PDE. But at same time it is possible to write some codes (with predefined instruction) and then ask from MATLAB to run it.

Is there any similar facility within Fluent/CFX or other CFD Codes?
Ghasem Bashiri

los December 9, 2010 21:46

CFX has a FORTRAN interface, I have never used it but I heard it is really complicated and bad documented.

FLUENT has UDF (User Defined Functions) which is also a interface for C, C++ and FORTRAN.

FORTRAN example:
C example:
C++ examples can be found at the ANSYS customer portal

Anyway, if you are just starting and want to do things right, why dont you use openFOAM?

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