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WiscMS December 15, 2010 14:27

Iterative solution within Workbench and Fluent?
I wanted to see if a task I need to do is possible with these given tools. From the few basic tutorials I have followed for Workbench and Fluent, I can't tell if it is possible.

My geometry and conditions are simple: I have an experiment with laminar flow through a tube with constant heat flux through the wall. I know the mean inlet and outlet temperatures. However, my reynolds number and heat flux measurements are very uncertain. (my temp measurements are good)

The fluid is exotic and high temp (800K). I have UDF's to determine properties within fluent.

Within fluent I am iteratively varying heat flux in order to match measured inlet and outlet temperatures to my experimental data. HOWEVER, I have thousands of data points over a range of reynolds numers and measured heat fluxes.

Is it possible to arrange workbench to perform this iterative task for me? Can I write a script somewhere to compare inlet & outlet mean temperature and adjust heat flux accordingly until my values are satisfactory? Ideally this would run overnight and process hundreds of datapoints without me touching it.

ComputerGuy December 18, 2010 11:03

I guess I don't understand:

Your Reynolds number is very uncertain, but you know the flow is laminar?

Nevertheless -- workbench can be scripted. If I recall correctly, it uses Python, and (although I haven't tried it) v13 apparently allows interaction with Excel. Take a look here:
for scripting help.


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